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Thursday, November 4, 2010

My 1st Acupuncture Experience

Yesterday was my very first time getting acupuncture done! I gotta say, it was, well...quite interesting, to say the least. Lol.
Why did I get acupuncture? I'm glad you asked.
Acupuncture has actually been a common practice for many years to help a woman with infertility. Although I'm not infertile it still helps the blood flow better to the uterus and will hopefully help in achieving and sustaining a pregnancy. My IM suggested it so I was like why not, anything that could possibly give a better chance at a positive outcome is worth trying, right!?
So anyway, I got to the acupuncture clinic yesterday and was greeted by a petite Asian lady, Dr. Chen. She got some information from me and then walked me into a room. It looked just like a room you'd go in when your gonna get a massage; lights dimmed, instrumental music playing, all I needed was some aroma therapy! So then she tells me to get undressed and cover up with a lovely hospital gown...that killed any daydream I might have had about spa time...she came back in the room after I was lying on the table, now mind you I've never had this done, so she comes in and says (in a thick Chinese accent) "oh, you lay on table wrong, you turn over", I was like "oh my bad", not that she knew what that meant, but nevertheless I felt like a dumb ass for laying on the table the wrong way.
Anyway, after repositioning myself, she started wiping me down with alcohol. At this point I was a little nervous, I mean she was wiping my head, my feet, my EARS! I didn't know what was about to happen! I guess she could tell I was nervous b/c she said "is no hurting you no worry". Um ok.
Then she started placing the needles. First on the top of my head, didn't feel that one, probably b/c of my thick hair, then she placed one in the middle of my forehead...that was weird, but no pain. Then she went to my that's when it started feeling weird. It didn't hurt, it was just kind of like an annoying little pinch but it was weird to know that you have 2 needles now sticking out of both your ears! She continued down my body and I ended up with 17 little needles sticking out of me! Then she says "ok now I do electricity".
Say what!? 
Awww naw lady, you crazy!
Again, she must have read my facial expression b/c she said "is no hurting". She brought out this little machine and hooked up 2 electrode thingys onto the needles that were in my pelvic area and it started pulsating. It felt weird, but didn't hurt so I suppose she was right..."is no hurting." After lying there for an hour she came back in, took out the needles and had me turn on my side so that she could do my back. She placed 6 needles alongside my spine, 3 on each side, and hooked up the electrodes again. Then I laid there for about 15 minutes and she came back and took them out and we were done!
All in all I'd say it was a good experience. It wasn't what I thought it would be, but then again I've only seen it in movies so that could explain a lot. :-) It didn't scare me off though, I'm going back on Saturday and again on Monday.
I really hope this helps!


Jess said...

Hmmmm...interesting. I never thought of doing acupunture, but you may have sparked something here for me. :)

Erik Denmon said...

I’m glad that acupuncture didn’t scare you off. I guess that it was that good for you, huh? What’s more interesting is the ambiance of the room where the procedure was done. Dim lighting and soothing sounds can help you feel calm, even though needles will be puncturing your skin. =) Here’s hoping for your wellness and better health for you and your family.

Anisha Cason said...

Good to hear that you have tried acupuncture as well. A lot of women go through this to improve their fertility. Acupuncture has no recorded negative effects and is actually healthy for us, whether it's for pregnancy purposes or not. How did the results go after your sessions have been completed?

Anisha Cason @US Health Works