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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Once Upon a Surrogate: The Stork's Helpers

A few weeks back I won a drawing that allowed me to review a new book about surrogacy that was actually written by a surrogate. I recieved the book a little over a week ago and last night I sat down with my daughters (8 & 4) to read the book to them.
Here's a review from 3 different perspectives:

My review on Jill Hancock Reeder's Once Upon a Surrogate book:

Once Upon a Surrogate is a good book for surrogates to read to their children or for parents to read to their children that were born via surrogacy. It explains, in terms that children can understand, the concept of surrogacy. My daughters really liked the fact that the book was illustrated by Jill's children and they were able to grasp the idea of Mommy being the "stork".
I would recommend this book to anyone going through the surrogacy process, as a means of explaining it so your children can understand.

My 4 year old's review:

2 thumbs up (literally), when I asked her how she liked it :) She also said "I liked the stickers", as she covered her arms in them. Then she added "so you were the stork to deliver us to be your children?" :-)

My 8 year old's review:

She thought the book was "okay", she said that she wasn't that interested in it, but that she did learn what an embryo is, which is something she didn't know before.

Thanks, Jill for giving us the chance to review your book!

You can learn more about the book by visiting:

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