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Friday, November 5, 2010


Had my appointment to check my lining was 7.4 :-( I was hoping that it would be thicker than that, but the Dr. at the monitoring clinic seemed to think it would be okay for a transfer on Tuesday.
Well I got the "official call" from the clinic in CO and the news was not great. The nurse said that they want my lining to be between 8-12 and they are going to push the transfer back a week! UGH!!!!!!!! I'm so disappointed and I feel really bad that my lining apparently sucks! I know there's nothing more I can do other than what the Dr's tell me, but it still SUCKS! I talked to my IM and she was (obviously) disappointed as well...sigh...........I know all things happen for a reason though, so maybe it wasn't meant for the transfer to happen this Tuesday.
Now I will have to up my Estrace to 2xday which should help with thickening the lining more and I will have another lining check on Tuesday morning. (Please keep your fingers crossed!!)
What SUPER SUCKS is that our flights have already been booked and now they will need to be changed which makes me angry b/c of course the dumb ass airlines have change/cancellation fees that are absolutely ridiculous and if you know me then you know I am, ahem, frugal (I don't like to say cheap!) :-) no matter whose money it is, and I just hate unexpected expenses!
And what SUPER DUPER SUCKS is that Kevin will not be able to go. :-( :-( There are other people in his office scheduled off for that week and he has to be there. Damn it to hell!
* BIG SIGH..........*
I'll still go to acupuncture on Saturday, but will probably change the Monday session to a later day in the week...
Anywho, that's all for now. I'm gonna go look up new flights.......

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Jess said...

Sorry, Krystal!! That is a bummer :( I'll pray for that lining to get nice and thick for ya!!