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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Had another lining check today...and blood draw...Lord I wish they could just take all the blood they needed at one time and save it for later!!
Anyway, I wasn't very pleased with the ultrasound today; since Friday my lining has on gone up .2mm! That's right .2, not even half a millimeter...Yep, now it's a whopping 7.6...yay. Can you hear the sarcasm?
Ok, enough wallowing...
I'm gonna stay optimistic that by my next check on Friday that I will be at least an 8! The nurse said that they aren't going to up my estrogen anymore b/c my estrogen level is already over 2,000! (No wonder I'm extra sensitive!) So all I can do now is keep taking the same meds/dosages and PRAY that my lining cooperates! There is good news though, the nurse said that the triple stripe is still there, which is a really good thing b/c on some women it can go away and then it's even more of a problem than just trying to thicken your lining. Also that my lining did at least go up even if it was a little, apparently the lining can begin to breakdown and get thinner, so thank goodness that didn't happen!
Thank God for an awesome IM too! I totally felt like a lemon today and she really helped me find the optimism in our situation. :-)
Until next time...TTYL!

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Jess said...

I'll be praying that your lining gets thicker!! Very cool that your IM is being so awesome!