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Thursday, May 26, 2011

My rant for the day

This is not surrogacy related, but I just wanted to vent.

Today I was taking my oldest daughter (8) to school and we were talking about her science fair project that she turned in on Wednesday. It was titled "Baking powder vs. baking soda, does it make a difference?"; she made cookies to test the theory.
I told her I was proud of her work and how great she know the typical mom stuff, lol. Then I asked her what she thought of her work and she said she thought she did a good job and had fun doing it, BUT the substitute teacher that was there yesterday said her cookies "looked gross". SCREEEEEECCCCHHHH!!! (that's my car coming to a hasty stop in the school parking lot) I snapped my head back so fast and looked at her..."WHAT?!" "She said WHAT?!"
Here's the dialogue my daughter tells me that was exchanged between her and this fu*king substitute:

Teacher: "Those cookies look gross"
Kailey: "Well, you can taste one to see if you like them or not..."
Teacher: "Ewww, no!"

Seriously? Are you fu*king serious? A grown ass woman degrading a friggin' 8 year old?
Let me just tell you, my daughter aspires to become a baker/chef when she grows up, so for these words to come out of an adult's's not something I take lightly...
Needless to say, Kailey said that it really hurt her feelings, and by extension it hurt my feelings too! So this bi*ch was gonna feel the wrath of an angry, hormonal, PREGNANT mom!

I pulled into a parking space and told Kailey we were gonna get an explanation AND an apology from this lady TODAY! When I got to her class, Kailey's regular teacher was there and Kailey explained to her what happened, and at this point she was crying, which only fueled my fire even more. The teacher did her best to comfort Kailey and then she told me that she was going to find the sub from yesterday because she was there today too. Good. 

The sub came in and gave me some lame ass explanation and "apologized". I told her that she didn't need to apologize to me, but to Kailey, so she turned around and apologized to her and did her best to act as if she really had feelings, but that bi*ch wasn't sincere, in my eyes.
Rather than cause a scene in front of all the kids, I decided that as long as Kailey got her apology, that I could leave well-enough alone. So I thanked both teachers, gave Kailey a hug and left. Then I called my husband.
If you know my husband at all, then you know you don't wanna piss him off, especially when it comes to his kids.
Let's just say that he has a meeting with the Principal in the morning and hopefully that bi*ch ass substitute will be in attendance so she can get the full "Kevin Wallace Experience"...she'll never be the same, lol.

I apologize for all of my "eccentric" wording in this post, but at this moment it's the only vocabulary I could come up with to express my disgust.    

Here's my "baby" with her project (before that evil witch killed her joy!)

Thanks for "listening"



Mark said...

Sorry that that happen to your precious girl. At first, I was thinking that maybe she got confused and didn't hear the teacher correctly. But after you actually confronted that sub and your daughter was proven right, I now know better that to doubt your girl again. As you know, I have a 7 year old daughter and I am imagining that happening to her. I would be beyond pissed too.
Good Job for standing up for your baby.

Jeni said...

*Please share with Kaylie*

Oh my goodness! I'm so glad you posted this picture! I am a former 2nd grade teacher and have had many science fair students! Not only does Kaylie's display look fantastic, but her cookies look SOOOOO good!!! I wish I could have her mail me some to taste!! Kaylie, you get an A+ from me, and your cookies look extremely delicious!! They look like a professionals! :-)

Babydreams2011 said...

Girrrl, where she stay?? (in my hood girl voice!) I have plennnn-teee of pent up stress I can unleash on her @$$, OMG!!! I wish I could say I was shocked, but from the stories my boys tell me about HIGH SCHOOL teachers, unfortunately this isn't the first time.. I have had to go "Rambo" on teachers before, as well.. Tell Kailey those cookies look like the bomb!

Andrea said...

Props to your hubby for making an appt to talk with the principal and that snub-sub. I would have done the SAME thing!!! And mad props to you, too, for turning that car around and confronting the teachers. I think her project looks wonderful!!! Job very well done, Kailey!!!! BIG HUGS to you, Sweetie!!

Surrogate, Single Parent and Dating... said... give her a hug and tell her that me and Taylen think she looks pretty in this pic and that her project looks awesome!!! And to you mama bear, good job!!! Nobody talks to our babies like that!!! She should be disgusted with herself and I can't wait to hear about Kevin's day!!! You must txt me and tell me!! LOL

GHALE said...

WTF?! I hope she doesn't ever work with kids again, what a moron. Her project looked so professional (I know, I have a 13 year old brother who's done one and HERS is better, lol), and I bet those cookies were great.. And good for you, I know being all types of hormonal can be hard to keep control.

Kelli said...

Well, that just sucks! What a f-ing b*tch. Good for you standing up for your baby! Her project is awesome and she looks so pretty! :)

Ashley said...

What a great idea for a science project (coming from a part time baker)... future little baker indeed =) And tell her that that sub is a sub for a reason... she doesn't deserve her own class! And BTW, your daughter is gorgeous!!!!

momof4 said...

wow really!?! Glad you are standing up for your beautiful girl! I can't stand crappy teacher:(