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I'm a wife, mom, and gestational surrogate. I've been blessed to be able to have 2 beautiful daughters of my own and 2 cute little surro babes for IPs. With the support of my WONDERFUL family and friends, I'm doing it again!! Follow me on my journey...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Fun weekend

I had a good weekend! On Saturday I went to my oldest daughter's soccer game and then afterward my "sister" and I went shopping to get some new clothes for my ever expanding tummy! I finally came to the realization that I can no longer fit into my "normal" clothes and had to break down and get some maternity tops. And by the way, maternity clothes are highway robbery! Thankfully I found some great deals at one of the regular clothing stores that also carried maternity items. If you know me, then you know I refuse to pay full price for anything! I either have a coupon or it's on sale OR BOTH! No, I'm not quite as gifted as those "Extreme Couponers", but I'd like to be. ☺ Anywho, got some cute tops and some shorts (cuz it's HOT in Texas!) and then I got tired of walking and my sister said she wasn't about to push me around the mall in a wheelchair, so we left. (Well, not before I could get a a chocolate chip cookie) Mmmmm....

Guess what I did yesterday!?

I got to (finally) meet up with a fellow blogger (Charity)! I say finally, because we've been planning this for what seems like forever and some way or another, either the weather, sick kids, or anything else you can think of would change our plans! ☺ That's life, huh?
Anywho, we meet up at a park yesterday, or "the wooden park", as my youngest calls it because everything is made entirely of wood. I have to admit, I was kinda nervous at first. It was almost like a blind date, lol. As I was sitting on the bench anxiously awaiting their arrival, I got a call from Charity saying that she had gotten a little turned around, so I pointed her in the right direction and when I got off of the phone I was a little more at ease. I was thinking "thank goodness she didn't have some weird manly voice or something." I mean, really, sometimes you never know what ur gonna get when you meet someone "off the internet"! ☺ She sounded very nice, and I'll tell ya her voice wasn't misleading! When she and her daughter arrived, Charity and I hugged like we had already been friends long before! And her daughter is SUPER CUTE!! She was a little shy at first, but my girls took her over to the park and once they started playing, it was all good.
Between pushing the kids on the swings and cleaning off scraped elbows, we got to talk and learn about each other and I truly enjoyed it! And when the girls were done playing (I'm sure they planned this together), they decided that we needed to go get ice cream; so we went up the street to grab some and it was yummy! ☺ Everyone had a good time and I hope we can do it again soon!

Here we are chillin' on the park bench
Oh, and while I was out having fun this weekend, my dear husband decided that he wanted to become a horticulturist and I came home to this:

Yep, he took all of the grass out of our front yard. Apparently at his college, Google University, they said that we had crabgrass and in order to have a lush, green yard he had to take all of it out and do some other stuff that I don't understand and then put new grass seeds down. So now it looks like this:

And I suppose this next weekend he's gonna finish up and hopefully in the next few weeks I will be able to show you the fruits of his labor.
Bless his heart.



Surrogate, Single Parent and Dating... said...

Yeah for finally meeting!!! Love, loved you and your girls!! Can't wait for our next actually made me LOL when you said I didn't have a "manly" voice..thank goodness!!! We totally should have taken a pic of the girls..they might possibly pass for sisters!! hahahah So much fun, thanks again! And way to go hubby!

Jeff and Kevin said...

So I haven't dated in almost a decade - but all my gays say meeting someone off the internet that turns out to have a "manly" voice is actually a huge win ;) hahaha
You guys are too cute. Good luck on the lawn - my back yard looks similar!

momof4 said...

Love the pic of you two! great post:)

Ashley said...

You girls are too cute!!! I love how surrogacy creates such amazing relationships =)

one faux mommy said...

i met a fellow surromama via the internet as well and it's turned out to be a great friendship! it's really nice having someone to talk to about what's going on.