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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

26 weeks!

Almost to the 3rd trimester! We're in the double-digit days countdown...97 days left!! This pregnancy seems to be going by pretty quick...well most days, anyway ☺ Of course, the end of the second trimester also marks the end of the so-called “honeymoon” phase of pregnancy, as the final three months can get awfully uncomfortable. Back and joint pain, swollen ankles, restless nights and Braxton-Hicks contractions, joy!
Week 25 was pretty uneventful (which we like). We had dinner at my IP's house on Saturday and was soooo yummy!! My IM is a wonderful cook! My IPs also gave me a music belt for Miss B to listen to Baby Mozart. I'm gonna assume that she liked it because she was moving the entire time I had the music on my belly....either that or she was like "hey lady, I'm tryin' to sleep!"
It's a really cool looking has 4 speakers...surround sound for Miss B!
I'll spare you my stretch mark belly pic with the belt on, but here's how it looks on a totally fake pregnant person:

And here's my 25 week belly pic...I thought it would be fun to compare my belly in the same shirt as my 12 week pic:
As one of my surro sisters said "those circles on your shirt have officially become ovals" :\

So now we are 26 weeks! I've noticed lately that I get short of breath easily and I'm tired a lot faster...guess the pregnancy is catching up with me! I just have to take a little extra time to do things. I really don't want to do anything except lay in bed and ring a bell for Kevin to bring me stuff...but that ain't happenin'...dammit.
Glucose test is on this Friday morning, but other than that it's just another uneventful week!
So here's my big ol' 26 week belly:

...and I don't believe this...
Week 26 baby fetus size broccoli
Fetus Size
Baby is about the size of a head of broccoli during week 26.

LENGTH: 13.98 in
WEIGHT: 1.60 lb

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