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I'm a wife, mom, and gestational surrogate. I've been blessed to be able to have 2 beautiful daughters of my own and 2 cute little surro babes for IPs. With the support of my WONDERFUL family and friends, I'm doing it again!! Follow me on my journey...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10 weeks

We're 10 weeks today and today is the last day for my PIO injections!! WOOHOO!!!

Here's a quick rundown of what's going on this week:

How I'm feeling: I'm still pretty nauseated and these past few days I have had more vomiting than days prior. (Sorry if TMI) I sure hope that doesn't mean this all day sickness will last past the 1st trimester! I'm also pretty exhausted most days; I come home from work and crash! I'm very lucky to have such a great hubby, kids and family; they've been taking up ALL of my slack. I seriously owe them!

What I eat: At this point I base my "meals" off of what won't taste gross when it comes back up. Pitiful, I know. Some days I feel like I can eat any and everything, then others I feel like I can barely choke down a cracker. I've been eating a lot of small meals throughout the day since my stomach can't seem to handle a "regular" meal. Mostly eating fresh fruit, crackers, oatmeal, toast, & rice. My cravings seem to change weekly...I was all about applesauce for a while, then it was fudge BombPops, and now all I want is Haagen-Dazs strawberry or raspberry sorbet! Oh, and spaghetti....I've really been craving spaghetti!

Baby stats (according to the web):
-The yolk sac will not be needed going forward as the placenta takes over.

-The placenta is now fully developed and will be the baby's lifeline going forward.

-The ears have formed the outer portion but still need to move upward into their final position.

-The umbilical cord exchanges blood between the placenta and the baby.

-The wrists are now able to bend.

-The fingers & toes have grown and separated.

-The intestines are developing at the base of the umbilical cord.
Week 10 baby embryo size strawberry
Embryo Size
Baby is about the size of a strawberry during week 10.

LENGTH: 1.20 in / 3 cm
WEIGHT: 0.13 oz / 3.7 g

We have an ultrasound on Friday morning and I should be released to go to my regular OB after that. I'll keep you updated and hopefully have a new pic to post of the lil' peanut.


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Babydreams2011 said...

YAY!!! I know you are doing a dance today for sure! :D