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Thursday, December 16, 2010


I just wanna say that right now I'm a bit frustrated! I hope this entry doesn't turn into one of those long a** blogs that no one wants to read, but whatever if it does!

Let me give you the "quick" version:

I got matched with my IP's back in May. Since then I've had 3 different caseworkers, which brings me to a grand total of 4 caseworkers since I've been working with this agency. Now, I might stop to think and wonder if I'm running these ladies off, lol. But in all seriousness, they've just had some crazy a**, unexplained turnover. That's not the problem, my issue is with the non-communication. They obviously don't update each other as to the status of their surrogates and they sure as hell don't let their surrogates know what's going on!Since my last caseworker left, not to long after I got matched, I have yet to hear from anyone at my so-called agency.
No email.
No phone call.
No letter.
Hell, no carrier pigeon. 
My IM and I have literally been doing EVERYTHING on our own. Coordinating travel, negotiating contracts, getting updates from the RE, anything you would think the agency should (and promised to) handle, we have been doing. We both, quite often, wish we had just found each other on our own so that we could have gone independent.
Nonetheless, the agency was also supposed to be having monthly support group meetings of which I have yet to be informed about until....................................................

Yea, so after my IM got a BS bill in the mail from the agency trying to charge her for support group meeting/setup blah blah, she confirmed with me that the agency has, indeed, not been in touch with me and she disputed the charge! (Way to go, girl!) :-)
So magically on Tuesday I got a phone call from none other than...can you guess...? That's right, the agency! The "Director" of the agency, which is now assigned as our half-ass caseworker called me. Our conversation lasted all of 40 seconds and then her other phone started ringing and she said "oh, I have to take this, it's a fertility clinic, I'll call you right back." Ummmm...ok...
Well thankfully I didn't hold my breath for that call back b/c I'd be dead right now...the beeyotch still hasn't called me!
Oh, but it gets better. THEN I got an email yesterday from the director that was basically nothing but a bunch of forwarded emails that I've apparently been overlooked on. Gee thanks. And whadayaknow? It has a list of all of our support group dates/times. Oh and look! There's a meeting on December bad it was DECEMBER 15TH when I got the fkn email! There aren't enough expletives in the English language to convey my irritation right now.
And  then to add insult to injury, I emailed my IM just to vent (she's good at letting me bitch :-)) and she told me that the agency told her "Well Krystal missed last Sunday's meeting." WTF!? You little #&$*$)*%(@#_(%$*)#$(%$*)&@#(&#@_%&#_(%&!! (insert your own words here) Had I been told about ANY of the fkn meetings you know good and darn well I wold have been there! UGH! Thankfully my IM already knows that I'm on the ball about those types of things so she knew that heifer wasn't being truthful.
I'm just disgusted with them right now, and it kinda makes me sad b/c I loved them so much at first, they were really supportive and knew what was going on with me, idk what happened from then to now...

Thanks for letting me vent :-) I promise to be nice now...well, until the next person pisses me off...


Andrea said...

Oh wow, I can imagine how frustrating that would be. Hopefully if you make a big enough stink about the agency's lack of communication's skills, maybe they'll make some much needed changes around there. And you and your IM shouldn't have to be coordinating ANYTHING!!! That's what your IM is paying the agency for!!
On a positive note: It's wonderful that you have such a great relationship with your IM. =)

Kristen said...

What a cluster! That would have me madder than a hornet too! Hopefully it all gets straightened out but if I were your IM, I'd raise holy hell with that place. Vent away sister, that's the beauty of a blog! Which by the way, your's is gorgeous! Has me thinking I need to do some sprucing. *hugs!*

SurroMom said...

I am so sorry. What an absolute mess!
Honestly, they would have lost my business by now if I was the IM. Why don't youjust go independent since that's what you're doing anyways? Might save you some stress and money! Good luck!

Surrogate, Single Parent and Dating... said...

Oh my..that totally sucks!!! I hope that it gets straightened out and maybe you and your IM should go directly to their office (if it's not way far away) and have a meeting at how disappointed ya'll are. Or send an email copying every person that has been a caseworker, the director, IM and set some stuff straight. Good luck, I hope it gets better for you 2.