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I'm a wife, mom, and gestational surrogate. I've been blessed to be able to have 2 beautiful daughters of my own and 2 cute little surro babes for IPs. With the support of my WONDERFUL family and friends, I'm doing it again!! Follow me on my journey...

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What's been happening?

Hey peeps!

I'm still here! I bet you've been wondering "Is Krystal going to do another surrogacy?".....well you probably really haven't had 2 thoughts about it, but in my mind you care ;)

So to answer your question.....YES! I'm crazy, you say? Yea, maybe. But surrogacy is definitely something that is near and dear to my heart and I'm not quite ready to call it quits. Perhaps after I'm done carrying babies I will look into working for an agency or even start my own! I just know that surrogacy is something that I completely believe in and I want to be a part of this community for as long as I can, in one way or another.

Long story short....who am I kidding...I'm a bit long-winded sometimes. So, here's the story of how my 3rd (kinda 4th) journey has begun: (I'll give you random, cute pics along the way to keep you interested! ☺)

Me & Ms. B. Isn't she a cutie?!
I was contacted by a dear surro friend regarding a local Dallas couple that was looking for a surrogate. They were not with an agency though and did not want to use one either. I talked with Kevin about it and we decided that we felt comfortable enough to move forward with them independently (without an agency). (Don't freak out, there are lots of arrangements done without using an agency) An agency is essentially a "middle man" to help with matching and assists with the not so easy task of talking finances, etc. Anyway, back on topic....we talked with the couple over the phone, really clicked and decided to go to dinner. We met at a fun little place, but we forgot to make reservations and the wait was over an hour! So we decided to walk and talk and we found a pizza was soooo good! After we ate, we talked for a while and then the couple wanted to introduce us to a sushi place they liked (I've never had sushi, nor desired it, but I was open to trying something new). It was actually really good! We had a vegetarian roll and fried eggplant.
We weren't ready for the night to be over so we found a dive bar and had a couple of drinks and dessert; we stayed out until 2am! So fun!
IM and I began texting a few times and then went out to lunch a few weeks later. Unfortunately, things went awry. IM's family was a little less than pleased when they found out about them using a surrogate and she called to let me know that they were going to need some time to figure things out. I was sad, but not completely caught off-guard, as there were little hints here and there. It was a cultural thing, I believe. They are both great people and I wish them all the best!

Me & the fam at the Color Vibe 5k run. Lots of fun!
I let my agency know that the match fell through and they began sending me profiles. One in particular stood out, mainly because it was so well written and down to earth and also because of the peculiar line of work for the IM. It was intriguing. I really wasn't interested in carrying for a couple that wasn't local (they are in CA), but after I talked to them I couldn't say no. They were so adorable on the phone and I was really glad they could appreciate my sense of humor ☺
We all agreed that it was a match and have decided to move forward!
Mr. L talking to my daughter for her b-day
We were matched on November 20th and things have been moving quite slowly until about a week ago. I FINALLY got a draft copy of a contract and I'm pretty sure my IPs found their donor as well. I went over the contract with the attorney; there were a few changes to be made and now I'm just awaiting the final contract to sign. I think there may be a hold up because I no longer have disability coverage (my company cancelled it on 2/1/15), so that may have thrown a wrench into my IP's plans. Hopefully it's not a dealbreaker, but we shall see.

Well, that's that! I'll update when I have more "exciting" news! And I'll leave you with a couple more pics of the cutest little surro babes you've ever seen! ☺
She's starting to walk!
Cutest little elf ever!


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whitney said...

How wonderful!!! AFM: I'm 27w w/our own little girl!!! Things have been going amazing this pregnancy, so who knows what my surro future will hold ;-) I can't wait to follow your new journey.