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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Did you REALLY just say that???

Have you ever gotten a question or comment so preposterous that you were in utter disbelief that a person could even fix their mouth to make those words come out?
Well normally I don't get these types of comments/questions, but here lately it seems that people, whether I know them or not, have some type of input about me being a surrogate or just surrogacy in general.
I typically let it roll off my back and don't even give dumb ass comments the time of day. But I thought I'd share some of these rather odd quotes with you.
*Don't get mad at me, I'm simply conveying to you the ignorance and/or sheer stupidity of some people*

I'll give you 10 that I can think of right off the bat, in no particular order.

10. "So, how do you think you will handle giving up your baby?"
Uhhh...listen up, it's not MY baby. And even if it were and I decided to give it up for adoption, what business is it of yours??
9. "What if the parents change their mind and don't want the baby anymore? Do you have to keep it?"
Do I REALLY need to acknowledge this? I mean really. Do you actually think that a person would go through all the trouble of finding a carrier, signing contracts, paying a crap-load of money, etc, just to say "eh, nevermind"?
8. "Dang! You must be gettin' PAAAAIIIIDDDD!"
You already know how I feel about this dumb ass comment...
7. "The parents must be rich. Are they celebrities?"
Yea, because only rich people can afford to have babies.
6. Co-worker: "Hey, Krystal, we're all going out after work for drinks, wanna come?"
    Me: "Well I can't drink, but I'd be glad to get a Sprite or something"
    Co-Worker: "Aw c'mon, a little alcohol won't hurt the baby. Besides, it's not yours anyway."
ARE YOU FU*KING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?! And, I'm 99% sure that this person was as serious as a heart attack with their comment.
5. (Same co-worker as #6) "I knew this lady that smoked cigarettes and drank sometimes while she was pregnant, baby was just fine. It's ok in moderation."
Ok, dude, seriously you must be on crack. I can't even listen to you at this point.
4. "So, uh, how dey do dat? You know, get da eggs in ya 'n stuff? Dey juss shoot 'em up dur and den you get pregnant?" "Shoo' I might needa do dat, cuz I ain't gone find me no woman no time soon."
Say what?! I'm sorry, were you just speaking English?
3. "Do you know the people you are carrying for?"
Nope, sure don't. I just went to the doctor and said "get me pregnant with a random person's baby, please and thank you."
2. "Are the parents excited?"
Of course not, they were actually hoping that none of the transfers worked and that all of their time and money went down the toilet. But now their style is gonna be cramped by having to tote a baby around everywhere.
1. "You must be a really nice person, gaining all that weight just for somebody else."

I'm sure there's more off the wall things that have been said to me, but these are the ones that have stuck in my mind so far. I guess tact is an acquired trait...



one faux mommy said...

people are stoopid! i get that same damn questions! i finally stopped telling people i was a surrogate.

Jeff and Kevin said...

HAAAA! These are awesome. You rock! We had one of our best girlfriend's dipshit republican husband ask "so if it's twins does she get to keep one?" She literally smacked him n the back of his head :)

whitney said...


paradykes said...

Ash finds that now people at her work just assume that she'd be happy to do it for people they know that want a baby or people that just don't want to be pregnant but want another baby. It drives her insane.

Kelli said...

I have gotten #'s 8, 9, and 10 as well...and I'm not even pregnant yet!

Dana said...

Wow, I've gotten many of these! Or how about this one: "When you're done with that one, will you have a baby for my friend's cousin's brother-in-law's daughter? Thay've been trying to have a baby forever."

Surrogate, Single Parent and Dating... said...

I'm pretty sure I've been asked all of these questions...LMAO at number 4!!!!! hahahaha I've heard it too.

Mark said...

Now I wanna be a surrogate just to get some stupid questions.
Your Friend, m.
p.s. My Mom drank and smoke all through her pregnancy and see how well I turned out! But women were stronger back in the day. ha! m.

Bernadette & Duane said...

Well WE- as in every IP in the entire world- think that people like YOU are completely, awesomely, ridiculously amazing-- so who the heck cares what others think! The ignorance of some people is absurd. The collection of comments certainly gave me a good laugh though! Thanks:)

Ashley said...

Hahahahaha!! This is all so true, sadly. It gets ridiculous and by the end I just became a complete bitch because the questions would not stop rolling in! One of the dumbest questions I got asked (in all seriousness) was: "You know, I have a friend who has been looking to adopt. Do you think your IP's would consider putting one of the triplets up for adoption since 3 is a little much and they were originally only hoping for one?!?" Are you serious?!?! How can I answer that?? Really?!?! LOL!