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Thursday, April 7, 2011

My sentiments exactly!

I was reading one of my fellow "surro-blogger's" posts and it struck a chord with me. She's over at Single, Surrogate, and Dating, you should go check it out!
Anyway, she was talking about the audacity of some IDIOTS that seem to think you must have it "made in tha shade" once you become a surrogate. Of course, she's a lot nicer than me, cuz I woulda probably had some expletives thrown in for good measure, but ANYWAY...I wanted to share what she wrote; I couldn't have said it better myself (even with a few F-bombs)

" I have a real issue when people ask me "how much are you getting paid?" or "are you getting paid?" or say something like..."man, you will be set now, huh?!!" First of all, you don't ask any person with a normal job if they are getting paid or how much they are you? At least I don't. Secondly, yes there is compensation for this "job" but if you add it up and divide it by 24/7 for approximately 12 months because you usally start the meds about 2 months before you get pregnant and then in case no has figured it out, not sure why they call it 9 mnths because you are technically pregnant 10 months, throw in there all the things you put on hold, all of the "inconveniences" you may or may not put your family thru, i.e. children, husband, or whoever else that helps out, all the possible risks that come with pregnancy, and then the aftermath of the "unknown", then I'm pretty sure it equals out to about $1-2 a day....who would "work" for that...pretty sure no one!!!

On another note, I don't think it's all the "public's" fault either because on some agency websites where you sign up to be a surrogate or intended parent or do the research, they make it sound like we get all this money. They have testimonies on there about what the surrogate did with her money or how much it helped out the surrogate's family which I don't really agree with either. A lot of people think surrogates are low class, money hungry girls just trying to make an "easy" dollar. However, I'm here to tell you I DEFINITELY don't fit into that class and all other surrogate blogs I follow don't either. We are all working mothers who enjoy being pregnant and who want to help another couple become a family. We must be a little crazy in some way too because who would want to "give up" their own child. Well we aren't crazy and we don't give up "our"'s all about Love and helping out. That's what I'm doing it for. I'm doing for the passion I have for kids, for all the love I have to give, to help out in a way many people will never understand and to be able to give the gift of life. So yes, we get compensated, but please don't be that person that asks how much or make snide comments on how much we must be making. Go do some research, find out for yourself if you want to know. There are plenty of helpful sites out there. Ok, that's my rant for the day....thanks for reading!!! LOL "



paradykes said...

Exactly! I couldn't agree more with everything both of you said. I know Ash isn't doing it for the money, she has a great job and makes enough to support our family just fine. It really is a labor (no pun intended) of love.

braejuma said...

Agree! Canada, it is illegal to get paid to be a surrogate...I can only be paid for expenses, which really in the grand scheme of things, isnt a lot. Its all out of love and wanting to do something for someone else... I am often asked "Do you get paid for this?" as well...but I really think its just ignorance and try not to take it personally (not everyone has class lol)
Thanks for the post!

Surrogate, Single Parent and Dating... said...

thanks for sharing!! :)