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I'm a wife, mom, and gestational surrogate. I've been blessed to be able to have 2 beautiful daughters of my own and 2 cute little surro babes for IPs. With the support of my WONDERFUL family and friends, I'm doing it again!! Follow me on my journey...

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Am I Famous Yet?

Longtime Post? Whatever....anyway, I forgot to tell y'all something! NO, I'm not pregnant again lol.
I was interviewed by BBC! There's an internet radio show they do called "The Conversation", which is a show about 2 women from different cultures ultimately on the same path or that have some sort of similarity/commonality.

I received an email from an Assistant Producer of the show October 20, 2017, saying that she found my blog and wanted to know if I'd be interested in speaking with her and possibly being interviewed for the radio show. I was skeptical. I asked my "surro friends" (you know, we're all private investigators!) and we all, collectively decided that it was legit. ☺ So, I emailed her back and said I'd be interested and the rest is history!

I was booked for a studio in Dallas on October 31st (yes, Halloween!) and was connected with the host of the show (in London) as well as another woman by the name of Jeanne Kapongo from DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo). Jeanne is the mom of a son born via surrogacy! ♥
Dressed for Halloween and ready to talk surrogacy!
I was so nervous to be on would I sound? Would I have enough to say? Is this even interesting? So many thoughts...but as soon as we started, it just felt like a natural conversation! We only had an hour, but we could have gone on for much longer! It was so fascinating not only to hear a surrogacy story from an IM's perspective but an IM from a completely different background and culture!
I really love sharing positive stories about surrogacy! There is so much misinformation and negativity surrounding this beautiful process and people should know the more common, bright side!

I really need to figure out how I'm going to stay active with surrogacy and in the surrogacy community without actually being knocked up to do so! ☺ Here's the link to our interview. Hope you enjoy and SHARE! Krystal's BBC Interview - Surrogacy

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Snow's arrival

"Snow" is now 11 weeks old...better late than never, right? :\

40 weeks and OVER IT!!

He was born September 3, 2016.


I was hoping to go into labor on my own, but Mr. Snow had other ideas...even though at my final appointment I was 3-4cm dilated, he wasn't budging!! Since my IPs had already flown in the week prior, my Dr. decided to schedule an induction for our due date 9/2/16 at 5:30pm, so I went in after I got off of work (yes, I worked the entire pregnancy...literally!) 
I got all checked in and settled in the room, IPs were super nervous ♥ and then the nurse comes in to tell us that they won't be starting the induction until 9:00pm because some emergencies came in! I was actually kinda okay with that because Kevin wasn't there duties called! (Kailey's team was in a Labor Day tournament...ironic, huh? lol) 
I asked them if I could just go home and come back, but they insisted on keeping me prisoner...

I did get an orange Popsicle while I waited, though. Winning!

Thankfully they did start the induction at 9:00. I got hooked up to the pitocin (which my doc assured me they'd start at a "low dose"....uhh...they started me at a 6...for reference, usually you start at 2! Anywho....that wasn't doing anything, so they upped it to 9 around 9:50pm. I was having more regular contractions, but nothing unbearable; was still able to talk and laugh, etc. By 10:50pm the pit was up to 12 and I was definitely feeling the contractions! 
11:15pm, I was 5cm dilated and the doc broke my water....that's when the fun went out the damn window! My contractions hit me like a freight train and I was about to go ape shit on someone if I didn't get an epidural soon! 
The anesthesiologist arrived around 11:30pm and I'm sure he read me all the "you could die" crap that they have to read to you, but it was all a blur and all I wanted was drugs! Somewhere along the line, I agreed to holding him harmless, yadda yadda, and got my epidural. YEEESSS!!!
(P.S. Worst. Epidural. Experience. Ever! Like, for real...I was ready to kill that "doctor")

Anywho, after I bawled my eyes out from the painful epidural experience I was okay and relatively pain free. 

12:00am (Sept 3rd) I was feeling lots of pressure and asked to be checked...I was 9cm dilated! They got my bed and the room set up and I started to push at about 12:15am (at this time Kevin FINALLY walks in!! Talk about perfect timing!)...couple of rounds of that and BAM! Baby "Snow" was here at 12:29am! ☺♥ 

My IP's reactions were priceless!! IM immediately started to cry and IF looked like he was in a state of disbelief lol. I think they were both in shock. I remember the doctor saying "That's YOUR baby, you can touch him!" It was like once they heard that they knew it was real ♥ ♥ ♥ 

We were released from the hospital on Sept 5th and the new family made it back home safely! (I know they were extremely nervous flying home with a newborn!) ((We got to visit lots before they left and I was even able to nurse him while we were in the hospital)) 

I'm thankful to say that they are still keeping in touch and I've enjoyed weekly photos and updates of Mr. Snow. Time is flying by so quickly already! I am happy that I'll be able to watch him grow and look forward to all the fun stories that his parents will share ☺

As for me, I'm slowly getting back to "normal". The epidural caused some back pain for me, which comes and goes, but for the most part I'm pain free. This time around, it's been a bitch to get motivated to exercise! (Blah!) Guess I'll get to that eventually....

Thank you for following our journey (sorry I was horrible at updating this time!). ♥

Oh yeah...the parents did finally choose a name (about a week before he was born....but he'll always be Mr. Snow to me lol)

Friday, August 5, 2016

36 weeks ((apparently this never posted))

So, the hospital tour went well, the IPs got their questions answered and got to see where their precious little boy will be born ☺

My Dr's appointment also went well. BP was good, weight was good (I've gained a total of 19 lbs so far). I swear that scale is broken because I feel like I've gained 653 lbs :\

I'm ready to have this baby!! This has been one of THE hardest pregnancy for me. I was sick for a million years and I still get sick occasionally, even now. I can't sleep, but I always feel sleepy!! (go figure!) I just feel TIRED, physically and mentally. I guess my body is saying "no more babies, Krystal!"....which kind of makes me sad, but I know I have to hang up the ol' uterus one day lol.
I think I'll try to find a way to still remain a part of the surrogacy community even though I will no longer be a carrier. I just love every aspect of surrogacy and I enjoy the friendships that I've been able to make along the way as well.

Anywho, my next appointment was supposed to be this week but my doc is on vacay, so I don't go back until August 11th. I'll have a sonogram to check the baby's position and I'll also have my GBS (Group Beta Strep) test done. If I test positive, they'll just treat me with antibiotics once I go into labor, no biggie.

PS. I got to see my 2nd little surro baby this weekend!! Ms. B is getting so big and she's super smart!! She said my name and told me "Happy Birthday".  Melted my heart!!!

I'll let cha know how next week goes. TTYL!!

Monday, July 18, 2016

I'm here!

I realize that when I get "anonymous" messages telling me that I have been MIA, it must mean that it's way past time for an update from me!

I have no excuse. Just laziness.

Good news though! (see, no news IS good news!) Yes, I'm STILL pregnant :) (This is seriously the longest pregnancy ever...I'm sure I've been knocked up with this one for at least 527 days)

I'm 58 weeks 33w3d today and in all honesty, the days are dragging. I'm not sure if it's because this is my first pregnancy that I've been THIS pregnant during the summer months (IN TEXAS!) or if it's just because my uterus is old. Okay, so 30 isn't "old", but damn, this will be my 5th birth! I know some 30 year olds that still haven't decided what they want to be when they "grow up". My dear old "ute" has been workin' hard and I think she's telling me she needs a break!

So here's a quick(ish) update of all that's happened since I last posted:<-- --horrible="" horrible="" i="" know.="" nbsp="" p="">

  • I passed the glucose screening, so yay! No gestational diabetes. 
  • We had MaterniT21 testing done (rules out any chromosomal abnormalities) and everything came back perfectly! 
  • I started going to the chiropractor on a weekly/bi-weekly basis and it has made a world of difference! 
  • I also started sleeping in our recliner around 28 weeks. I did this with the last pregnancy and although I hate having that big ass recliner crowding up my room, man is it comfy! It also helps me not to have horrible acid reflux because I'm sleeping at an incline. 
  • I've gained a total of 18lbs (well, as of 3 weeks ago). I'm almost 100% certain that I've gained 50lbs since that appointment. (I go back this week)
  • The parents sent some recordings of them talking to "Snow", so he gets to listen to them and learn their voices. ♥
  • The dreaded "morning" AKA all day sickness finally subsided around 18 weeks BUT now I'm having digestive issues. (see, I'm old!) So, I'm going to try some probiotics.
I think that's really the rundown of what's been happening, in a nutshell. See, you didn't miss anything exciting. It's been quite an uneventful pregnancy, aside from my constant uncomfortableness. (Is that even a word? Whatever, it is now)

We have another (routine) OB appt this Thursday and the IPs are flying in, so afterward, we are going to the hospital so that they can take the grand tour. That's always exciting to me!

I'll leave you with all of my bump pics up 'til now. TTYL!

He was stretching out on this pic!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Unexpected....gender reveal

Today I ate a Snickers...okay that's not what this post is about, but damn that candy bar was goooooddd....

Okay, seriously.

Yesterday I had an OB appointment and my IM took a red eye flight from Seattle to Dallas just to be there! (Left at 1:30am, arrived in Dallas at 5 something and then left the same afternoon!) Now that's dedication!
Anywho, this was just supposed to be one of those "boring" appointments where the Dr checks the baby's heart rate with a doppler and asks me how I'm feeling, BUT when he saw my IM he decided to be super sweet and do an ultrasound, YAY!!
It was the most awesome appointment! IM got to see how much "Snow" has grown and actually looks like a tiny human instead of a blob on the screen ☺ She attempted to record the u/s for her hubby, but she was too busy crying (happy tears!) and shaking! It was so cute.

*Side note* Snow is measuring a few days (3) ahead, so growth is on track, yay!

Then, guess what?! The Dr said "do you want to know the gender?" IM immediately was like "YES!" Lol...(so much for waiting to be surprised!)

Without further adieu, I present to you "Snow"
You see that? BOY! I knew it! I should start my own psychic services company...but only for gender predictions...I'm not that good yet.

So now my IPs have to come up with some boy name choices because IM was convinced they would have a girl and only had female names picked out lol.

The IPs and their family are over the moon and I'm just as happy for them. Now....if only I could be 100% nausea free...that would be great. Bleh.


Monday, February 22, 2016

12 weeks

I know, I'm a slacker. Whatever.

You try blogging while puking 24/7 and feeling like you could fall asleep anywhere, at anytime!

Well, that was my update. TTYL!

Kidding...I'm now 12 weeks along and besides feeling like crud most days, the pregnancy is moving along perfectly fine. I was FINALLY weaned from all of the meds from CCRM, thank the LORT! I'm almost certain that my hiney couldn't have taken one more injection; although, I must say that my 13 y/o daughter was the most awesome shot giver ever! ☺ She took over the task one day that Kevin wasn't available and was my go-to person ever since. It's a family affair!

Last week we had our 1st OB appointment and got to see the little bean's growth. She/He was measuring right on track and was moving all around during the ultrasound. I will never get tired of seeing that! ☺

Our next appointment is on March 8th and I believe I'll have some blood work done to rule out any chromosomal abnormalities. The results will also tell us the gender of the baby! (If the parents choose to find out) I kinda hope they don't, I think it's exciting to be in suspense ☺

I'll leave you with some progress photos of my already growing belly. What can I say, my uterus is an overachiever. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Let it Snow!

We had our 1st ultrasound on the 12th and I'm happy to announce that there's one healthy little baby growing! ♥ ☺ The IPs and I lovingly call the little embie "Snow". (It was snowing when I got knocked up, lol) Little Snow is measuring right on track and the heart rate was 120, well within the "acceptable range".
Isn't (s)he the cutest? :)
Sadly, the parents weren't able to come to the appointment due to work commitments, but I recorded the whole thing and sent it to them, literally, 3 minutes after I left the Dr's office. Don't you just love technology? My IM was so pleased to be able to "virtually" be there and I'm glad I could at least give my IPs that much. I know it must be even harder on them since they are so far away :(
Good news though...they will be able to come for our 2nd u/s on the 25th, yay!!!! It's gonna be a good day! That's also my youngest daughter's 10th b-day ☺

As for me, if you know my history, then you know that I get pretty damn sick during the 1st trimester and it usually starts at exactly 6 weeks along. This time, for whatever reason, I haven't been *as* sick. I've been nauseous all day, everyday, but (unlike past pregnancies) I haven't had to puke 20 times a day. In the interest of full disclosure, I did puke for the 1st time this morning (7w3d), but only once, so yay?? Small victories.

Anywho, hopefully the ickiness goes away or at least allows me to function throughout the day.

I'll update after our u/s next week!